Socrates in “The Apology, Phaedo, and Crito: The trial, Immortality, and Death of Socrates.”

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“The unexamined life is a life not worth living.

I couldn’t agree any more with Socrates on this statement. The majority of people do not seem to reflect on their own life; more specifically, they do not seem to reflect on how or when their life experience molded them to slowly end up becoming the person they are now- with such and such virtues and vices. If taken the time to think about childhood years, experiences that hurt them, actions they commit(ted), memories of extreme joy, etc., then one should understand thyself a bit more once they realize how such things influenced their current likes, dislikes, feelings, thoughts, personality… one may even be shocked at the conclusion reached. One may find an old grudge they held, a bad memory they subconsciously forgot, or a fear they had not acknowledged. One should want to know as much as possible about thyself, after all- thyself is really the only thing one could ever control. Through this process, one can change thyself if felt needed; I would bet this is somewhat the same techniques therapist make use of but if you can (and should) analyze yourself then do it- nobody will know how x felt or what x meant better than you since you are the one who experienced x. Figure out if you are actually happy with the life you are living, have you ever even wondered that? perhaps you are on your way to the happiness you once imagined or maybe got off track somewhere along the way… no, you can’t change the pass but you are in control of the future and your past can help you better understand the present to make wiser decisions. In short, failing to reflect on own life resembles the bottles floating in the ocean… just floating. In that sense, it really becomes a waste of a life.


Genesis 3:19

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“For you are dirt and to dirt you shall return”

I dare to say that this quote really stood out to me since the very first time I remember hearing it. Personally, it reminds me that I am mortal. It reminds me that one day I am going to die and when that day comes, I will turn to dirt- and be vanished , in the life as we know it, forever! It gives me a sense of realization that the body, and the material things that seem to rule the world , do not mean a thing. It makes me want to seek who I really am in the soul and cleanse what may be necessary to change. It gives me a huge desire to want to live! to visit/see/experience/accomplish as many things in the world as possible- before my time runs out- because when I die, there’s no coming back… and if I carried a black soul all along then I believe I will be tortured with regret and no be able to simply rest (in heaven).