“For you are dirt and to dirt you shall return”

I dare to say that this quote really stood out to me since the very first time I remember hearing it. Personally, it reminds me that I am mortal. It reminds me that one day I am going to die and when that day comes, I will turn to dirt- and be vanished , in the life as we know it, forever! It gives me a sense of realization that the body, and the material things that seem to rule the world , do not mean a thing. It makes me want to seek who I really am in the soul and cleanse what may be necessary to change. It gives me a huge desire to want to live! to visit/see/experience/accomplish as many things in the world as possible- before my time runs out- because when I die, there’s no coming back… and if I carried a black soul all along then I believe I will be tortured with regret and no be able to simply rest (in heaven).